Eucharistic Minister Instructions

The following are some basic instructions that all Eucharistic Ministers should follow during Mass:

  1. Approach the altar at the beginning of the Lamb of God - do not wait until the Lamb of God has concluded.
  2. Walk to the three steps and at the bottom of the sanctuary, gently bow your head.
  3. Proceed up the steps and assemble behind the altar (between the altar and the tabernacle) in a straight line and spread out (back to the tabernacle).
  4. The celebrant will give the first minister the bread and then the wine and then hand the chalice with the wine to that minister.
  5. The celebrant will distribute the host to the remaining ministers. The minister with the chalice will distribute the wine to the remaining ministers.
  6. The celebrant will also give the host and wine to the lector and altar servers.
  7. The celebrant will hand the chalice or ciborium to the ministers who should proceed down the stairs to the best station across the front. The ministers stationed nearest the music ministers will distribute the bread and wine to the musicians first.
  8. There will be 4 stations across the front aisle made up of pairs of ministers (one with host and one with wine). Two stations will be in the middle and 1 each on the left and right sides.
  9. Distribute the host or wine.
  10. When done, if distributing the wine, consume any remainder at the station or proceed to the side table by the altar and consume. Place the chalice on the table and return to your seat.
  11. When done, if distributing the host, bring the ciborium to the altar and place it there. Return to your seat via the side door or down the middle aisle steps.
  12. Ministers do not wait for one another to finish. When done, each individual minister can return to their seat.