The Parish Council of St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish is made up of a diversity of parishioners and functions in an advisory capacity to the Pastor, Fr.Brandt.  The council meets monthly throughout the year and addresses all the various issues of parish life.  Parishioners are encouraged to contact any member of the Parish Council with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the parish.



Parish Council Members

  • Fr. Paul Brandt, Chairperson
  • Cindy Falciani, Secretary
  • Beth Abbott
  • Tim Beehler
  • Frank Buttaro
  • Kim Canning
  • Joe Collins
  • Jacquelyn Cox
  • Peter Dolan
  • Lynn Earl
  • Tracy Garay
  • Nick Mongiello
  • John Russo
  • Connie Sinnk
  • William Stiles

Ex Officio:

  • Deacon Lou Hoelzle
  • Deacon Tom Phillips
  • Anita Dixon, Principal
  • Finance Council Rep.