We are a group at STC for families with young children, providing a source of fellowship, fun and support for parents and children alike.

We seek to offer:

Spiritual Support, encouraging one another in raising our children in the Catholic faith.

Flexibility. Come to as many or as few events as you wish. New families are always welcome. Whether you are available on weekdays, evenings or weekends, we encourage you to check out our group!

Our Activities:

Daytime Playgroup

Evening and Weekend Events, including:

  • Potluck Dinner
  • Weekend Brunch
  • Wine and Cheese Night

Spiritual Ministry

  • Elizabeth Ministry, including Prayer List for Expectant Families
  • Spiritual Adoption of Newly Baptized Babies

Our Goals:

  • Foster friendships among families who share our Catholic values
  • Offer spritiual support and encouragement
  • Provide a venue for parents with young children to meet other parishioners
  • Provide a comfortable, family-friendly setting for social gatherings where toddlers and babies are welcome


For further information, please contact Danielle Ko Gaspar.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.